WD1502FAEX recognized everywhere except in 'My Computer'

I have the WD1502FAEX -007BA0 1.5TB. When installed it I can see it during
the BIOS startup as well as the Device Manager, but not when I click on ‘My

I formatted and reformatted as well as used Acronis to clone the disk
(Acronis also recognizes the drive) but to no avail.


Can some please tell me there is some sort of firmware, software or  something I can do short of
contacting technical support,  which of course will be my last resort.

Thank you in advance

did you check in disk management to see if it shows up?  also, did you initialize the drive when you installed it?  of course, I’m assuming you’re installing it as a secondary disk.  is that so?

Thanks Wayne for your quick reply.

It shows up in Disk Management but the drive states ‘1397.26
GB Unallocated’ and does not have a drive letter. When I right click the disk it
doesn’t give me the option to "Initialize Disk"

I was originally trying to clone my 1.0tb storage disk onto this 1.5tb disk
with Acronis (acronis stated the clone was successful)  but it was not,  after
which I just tried to add it just to see if it was the disk or the software.  Is
the disk dead?  It’s only a few months old and was brand new never used.  Maybe
I am missing something.

Update: It’s not the software (Acronis) as I was able to clone another
drive with my C: Drive

I sent a ticket to tech support,  maybe they can help or suggest an RMA.  We shall see. 

Just an update, it turned out to be a faulty drive and WD sent me an RMA.  So all is well now, thanks for the help.

sorry, I didn’t get back to you then, but I pretty much would have suggested replacing the drive anyway.

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