WD1502FAEX problem

Sorry for my English, I will try to be clear as much as I can.

I bought WD1502FAEX in October last year.

It worked fine for a month and a half and then I started to notice that somehow my Steam games files started to dissapear, even after playing them without any issues. I tested the drive using HD tune and found some C5 and C7 errors and it reported some bad sectors.

When I complained to my seller he said i should try to erase the drive and write zeroes on it using WD Diagnostic Tool and see if it still has bad sectors after that. And so I did it, and I was surprised to see that the drive was now passing all tests. My peace lasted only two weeks when suddenly Windows started disk check during boot and found some errors. Again, all symptoms were back.

I was resolved to return the drive by now so I wrote zeroes again, but I couldn’t help to run test once again and I found no errors again. I decided to give it one more try but again, one month after, I am again getting errors. Here is SMART status:

So, I must ask is this enough to claim warranty and return the drive. Problem is that after each “zeroing” my hard drive seems to be just fine. And if I do it once again it will apear to the guys in warranty service like a good working drive.

Of course I can’t return it with my data on it but it is only in this state that it shows any problems.

Could this be a software related issue? Or bad sata controller? I need to make sure before I try to return the drive.

you should replace your drive

it was 40 bad sectors and many read errors ( so weak heads or bad media)

normaly Western digital drives are clean in read / write errors, except in a few reasons