WD14EDFZ - 14TB does not start! plz help

Hi! I just bought a Mybook 14TB with inside a WD140EDFZ and it does not start (no sounds/vibrations). I unmount the box and try to plug in the hard drive directly on my computer but there is also no sounds/vibrations so I think the PCB is arrived dead. Is it possible to change the PCB (i have no data…) ?

PCB reference is 006-0B40385

I cant send back the drive cause i throw away the box… yes was stupid but…

Throwing away the box seems no reason to me for a return for warranty? It’s not the box that is defective, it’s the device. And why on earth did you start digging around inside the MyBook instead of returning it immediately? It’s not the box that may have voided your warranty it’s opening the drive and messing about that probably will get you in trouble.
I suggest you contact WD for an RMA or advice.