WD1200JD spin up click and spin down on SATA Windows 7


I took my old WD Caviar WD1200JD from my old PC running Windows XP through SATA and installed it on my current machine running Windows 7 through SATA.

The drive spins up and clicks and spins down again a few times.  When I try to access it, it does the same thing even though I can still access the files on it.

When I plug the drive into a HD caddy using USB, it functions normally without the spin up, click, spin down. When I use eSata on the HD caddy, the spin up, click, spin down noise comes back.

I plugged the hard drive back into my old machine and it works fine without any loud noises. It also passes SMART tests and Extended Test.

Could there be a problem with the WD1200JD with Windows 7 or my motherboard on my current machine not liking the hd? Or is the drive dying? Seems to work fine on my old machine.

If the drive is working on the USB caddy, you will need to verify your computer configuration. If possible connect the drive into a different computer just to see the results.

The drive works fine on another computer running Windows XP.

The problem only occurs on the computer running Windows 7 through Sata interface.
I also have a Intel SSD, Seagate Barracuda and a WD10 EADS all operating fine on the Windows 7 computer. 

if the drive is good, and it’s clicking like that when you add to the win 7 computer, I would disconnect the power on some of the other drives to just see if it’s a power issue.   if it stops making that noise, then you know you have too many devices for that power supply.