WD10TMVV Faulty USB Micro Port - retrieve data help


I have a 1TB WD10TMVV 2.5" External Passport.

While watching video from the drive yesterday the video stopped working, thinking little of this I did something else.

Today I have tried to access the drive and it has an issue with the USB connection not working, if I hold it in tightly I can sometimes see the drive.

What I need to know, how can I connect to this drive to copy the data, there is no encryption but the normal SATA connection is not the norm.

Please help!!


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Try turning the drive 180 degrees and see if that works. I had to do that with a USB DVD player trying to find the problem with it. You can try putting something under the cable to raise it up gently. You just learned not to trust data to just one drive. If thios is a drive that did not come with Smartware you should be able to connect internally. Opening the case vioids the warranty.


Thanks for the input/reply

Have a reasonable oamount of the data backed up but still want to access the drive, even if only temporarily.

The USB connection is definelty faulty.

The alternative connection inside the drive casing is a 12 pin and 2 pin so not sure what cable will allow me to connect this directly to my PC, any ideas?

Any help again would be appreciated

I have the same problem, USB began to fail some days ago, I backup some data, but no it all. I will lost some game datas, movies… I bought in USA but live in Brazil. WD says that only change the drive, but won’t save the data. I really want to know if is possible use the 12-pin to conect the drive in my note.

If someone know one solution… please says.


If this is a drive that came with Smartware hooking it up as an internal won’t work. The board with the USB port provides hardware encryption and any data you did get off will be encrypted without that board. Maybe an electronics repair place can solder on a new port.