(WD10TMVV - 11TK7S1) 1 TB external drive USB2 fall down. after that not detecting?

Please help me,I been using WD products from past 10 years, Now one of my External drive fall down (1TB usb2) , after that it not detecting i given to one of my friend in dubai office, he told me drive head is damaged. And look for the donar drive. to replace it.

Iam looking for a proper advice from WD team. what next step i need to do? [[Removed - Trancer]].

This is my drive details please help. WD10TMVV, 1TB, P/N : WD10TMVV - 11TK7S1, DCM : EHMTJHBN.

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Sorry to hear that. Let’s see if any of the users on the community can share some information about your case.

Best advice is to let professional data recovery company handle the head replacement. If you have never done it before chances are you will end up killing your drive, and killing the donor.