WD10EZRX Specifications

Hi folks, I have been searching and searching the Western Digital site for the technical specifications on this HDD. Nowhere on their site are there the full technical specifications for the WD10EZRX. Nor anywhere else on the internet that I have been able to locate. Does anyone know the following details for the HDD in question? Number of Heads: Number of Cylinders: Number of Sectors/Track: If you know this information that would be excellent. Thanks.

For whatever reason, WDC does not advertise that information. I know there is a way to infer it from HD Tune, but you’ll need to search through old posts to determine the exact details. If you send a request to WDC Support, they will tell you the information. I assume that the reason WDC does not advertise that information is so it can change the density and number of platters on a specific model number midway through a production run, which it has done on many occasions.