WD10EZEX making weird electrical/vibrating sound

Bought the new HDD today, plugged it in, partitioned it and its working perfectly fine. But its making this loud electrical noise and i dont know whats causing it, did i screw it too hard, did i mount it wrong, are the cables plugged in wrong maybe or was i just unlucky in getting a weird HDD,

I recorded the sound and here it is…

Anyone got any ideas? Should I turn it back and get another one?

EDIT: HDsentinel says the HDD is perfectly fine and its making this noise even if its not working.

Sounds like vibration to me

dunno what the problem is, but i’d send it back before you go crazy (listening to the noise)

ps. Google… wd hdd vibration and you’ll find lots … here’s a youtube video with almost the exact same noise

So im an ■■■■■, I mounted the rubber but i mounted the rubber wrong, i put the rubber above the mount (not touching the HDD) and after going crazy by the noise i removed it and tried different ways to put the HDD in until i tried to put the rubber between the screws and the mount. and I can hardly hear it now.
The actual noise of the vibration was louder than 100% fan speed on my GTX 970, and i tried, in a desperate attempt to drown out the noise i maxed the fan speed :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, is there a way to mark this as solved or will it just die out?