WD10EZEX always writes big files to the end of the drive.(slowest sectors) Any help?

I have used Piriform Defraggler program before which defrags HDD.
That program has “move big files to the end of the disk.” command and I have used it.
But interestingly, my WD10EZEX always writes big files to the end of the drive right now and I couldn’t solve this problem no matter what I did.
Can you help me? Thanks.

Seems like nobody knows the solution. I’ll ask WD then. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a side-effect of the firmware trying to optimize for SMR. But WD won’t tell you that.

I have uninstalled the Deffraggler but couldn’t solve the problem.
WD doesn’t know how to solve the problem. They suggested low level format etc. but I don’t want to do it.

You can’t really specify the location of a file. Not anymore. There is a translation layer involved, just like SSDs. Except it’s called STL instead of FTL.

The drive will place whatever file wherever it sees fit. Your defrag program, as it works through the translation layer, has no idea where the data actually physically sits on the platter.

slowest sectors ? I really doubt you are able to feel any difference wherever files are placed at. once your drive is full or has not been formated for a long while it will take it a little bit more time to access files (start or end) but just because it’s full.