WD10EZEX 1TB using SATA150 mode

My 3 year old WD10EZEX (7200 RPM, 1TB WD BLUE) has recently gotten its first pending sector, and first Uncorrectable sector, and also now appears to be running in SATA 150 mode according to CrystalDisk Info S/W instead of its usual SATA 600.
I realize the drive might no be healthy/nearing a total failure, but I wish to use it in its full speed until end of life. I didn’t change anything related to the HDD configuration wise, just the usual read/write.

  • The drive is connected by a SATA 3 port, with SATA 3 cable
  • Motherboard is Gigabyte Z77 UD5H (rev 1.1) with updated BIOS
  • It has 2 additional MARVELL SATA controllers
  • WD10EZEX is connected to Gigabyte’s on board SATA controller (appears under: Intel® 7 Series/C216 Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller)