WD10EFRX have SATA150? My Motherboard GA-K8VT890-9 dont see WD, what to do?

Hi the WD10EFRX is a sata 6 /gbs drive. The most likely reason your mother board wont see it is it is not compatible with the VIA 8237R chipset on the board with that chipset the drive will never work sorry.

you could try setting the jumper to throttle the bandwidth. it might be enough to make the drive work with your outdated controller.

read more about it here: http://www.wdc.com/en/library/eide/2579-001037.pdf (jumper on pin 5-6)

Hi just to say again that drive will never work on that older via chipset no matter what anyone tells you. I have tried with all the older via chipsets and they will not take a sata 3 drive and most wont take a sata 2 drive either. You will need to return the drive and try to find a sata 1 drive to work, I did get a competitors sata 2 1 tb drive to work on one though.

Thank you. Buy a controller

PCI-E SATA III ST-Lab A-480. I will try to connect.

Hi OK good idea remember a lot of the add in controller cards do not support booting from the drive attached to them and are meant for a second storage drive. Just make sure the one you get supports booting from it.