WD10EFRX-68PJCN0 - try to find upgrade firmware or RMA?

Hi everyone!
I have many many WD drives in all systems but usually I go for cheaper Blue drives. This time I chose WD REDs for my friends NAS. No heavy loads, just typical photos backup, music and some videos in Synology nas. I came about one of drives “jumping out of mirror” every couple weeks. The drive seems ok, SMART is ok, bet it disconnects for enough time for NAS to mark it “crashed”.
Synology helpdesk suggested to upgrade firmware, but there is none for my drives. The one on the drives is 01.01A01, but from Syno forums I’ve read about Nasware firmware for REDs, but I don’t want to search web and flash whatever I find. Is there a solution or should I just RMA the drives one by one?

You were told to upgrade your Synology, not the drive.

No, in fact they especially told me to look for firmware for those harddisks or RMA them. I regularely upgrade my Synology.

You cannot do a firmware update to drives, never can’t and never will do. This recommendation is simply wrong. If you want to replace a maybe broken drive against a new one, you need to get in touch with our Support.

The entrance to the Support Portal is:

Thank you!
Will try that.
Usually, I replace drives that fail SMART tests or have bad blocks. This one seems perfect, apart from the fact that it “disconnects”.

if this is related to the drive, than it’s not perfect. It can be the SATA slot too but I think you have checked this possibility. The devil is hidden in the details.