WD10EAVS - Performance Issues (Mount Time, Transfer Rate)


I have a WD10EAVS packaged as a Fantom Green Drive.  Mounting volumes takes up to ten minutes.  Transfer rates to and from the drive are limited to ~700KB/s. 

Details below:

  • Host OS: Windows XP SP3

  • Partitions: 1

  • File system: NTFS

  • Allocation unit size: 4096 bytes

  • Connection: USB 2.0

  • Write caching: enabled

  • Compression: disabled

  • Indexing: disabled

  • Autoplay: disabled

  • WD Diagnostics: pass

  • chkdsk: pass

An empty volume takes three minutes to mount.  A 300GB volume takes ten minutes to mount.  I have reproduced this and the ~700KB/s transfer rate with a second WD10EAVS and alternative enclosure.  However, with Windows Vista and Windows 7, mounts are quick and trasfer rates are optimum.

What could be wrong with this Windows XP system?

My chipset supports only USB 1.1.  I overlooked this because USB 1.1 is rated at 12Mb/s, twice the transfer rate in this situation.

Source: http://www.intel.com/assets/pdf/datasheet/290687.pdf