WD10EAVS BIOS Not Detecting it, Sometimes

I have a WD10EAVS 1TB Caviar Green Drive which works, sometimes.  When it works, all is fine.  When it does not, the BIOS will not detect it and neither will anything else including Western Digital DLG program or WIn 7 Disk Management.

It will sometimes work fine but when I try to copy a few files, the drive will disappear.  Then it will not appear in BIOS upon reboot.  I have tried it in other computers and with USB external drive adapters and I get the same results so that the problem is narrowed down to the hard drive and probably the HD control (PCB) board.

The drive is under warranty.  The significant problem is (as you may have guessed) I want a copy of the files on the drive.  I do not want to go to a Data Recovery service and I probably cannot afford it.  I have no problem buying a new drive and swapping out the PCB if I am reasonably sure that I can find one which is compatible.

Anyone have any suggestions? 

Try to contact fzabkar, he is our resident guru in this regards…

yeah, unless fzabkar can help you, you will most likely be stuck with going to data recovery.

Thanks for the heads up guys.  I have looked at many of  fzabkar’s post and found a wealth of information.

I am going to:

try to slow it down (J5-J6 jumper).

clean the contacts

Remove the PCB and look for loose connections.

DL a copy of the diagnostics boot DOS software that does not require BIOS detection and see if it tells me anything.

If none of those things work, then I will bug fzabkar to see if he has any further suggestions.  He has addressed my situation many times with other people.

Thanks again for the help guys.

you’re welcome.