WD10EARX + Windows7 64bit = BDOS

Hi to all, I have a very strange problem.

I have a PC with Windows7 64bit ultimate with a 500Gb sata2 seagate hd.

For personal reason, I have decided to replace this HD with a more large HD (WD WD10EARX  sata3 1tera). So, I have installed the windows on the new hd but somethimes the windows7 crashes with a BSOD!

I have also decides to install windows 7 on the new HD using an acronis image from the old hard disk that works fine… but the problem remains!

I have check the new HD with the wester digital tool and other tool, but everythings seem be ok.

The Ram is also ok.

What can I do?

The bios of my ASUS P8H67 is updated with the last version: version3506 How can I fix this problem?


In the Management Console, look at the reports and see if there is something pertaining to the hard drive and the OS.  Please post pictures.  

What is the error code?

Have you tried using a different SATA cable just in case? 

Try to change your antivirus.

I had a similar BSOD and I have resolved changing antivirus

I hope this can help you