WD10EARX - Slave

Hello everyone, I find myself in a bit of distress. 

I have a WD10EARX, partioned in 2 (100gb for the OS , wich is XP-32bit-sp2 , and the rest for storage) Now my computer has decided not to work (the ram memories are not working well)  , and I have a few things in my brother’s computer that i would like to transfer to my hard drive.

Now, my brother’s computer is running win7 64 bit. And so my question is, how do I install my hardrive into his computer as SLAVE ? 

Thank you very much, if you may reply AS SOON AS POSSIBLE the better, i need this fast.

Thanks again,


Hi sata drives dont use slave and master you would just plug it into the next sata port on his pc.

Thank you very much for your help!