WD10EARS with Vantec Nextstar CX encolsure not recognized by Bell 6131 receiver

I added a WD10EARS drive to a  Vantec Nextstar CX enclosure but my Bell 6131 receiver, which is capable of PVR function via USB, does not recognize the drive. If I move this drive to another Bell receiver of a higher model 9241, the 9241 recognizes the drive and I was able to format it.

If I add another WD External drive to the 6131 there is no problem.  The receiver recognizes the drive and immediately asks to format the drive.

I am able to view the partitions created by the 9241 by connecting the drive to my PC.  It created three partitions.

Any idea on why the drive with enclosure is not recognized by the 6131 receiver?  I have not removed sleep mode or head parking on the drive as the 9241 receiver was able to recognize the drive immediately upon USB connection.

It probably has more to do with the enclosure being compatible with the receiver than the drive inside it.  Check online for a firmware update for either the receiver or the enclosure and see if that helps.

I spoke with Vantec Tech Support and he said there are no drivers or firmware required for the enclosure…it’s plug and play.  I also spoke with Bell Tech Support and I have the latest software loaded on the receiver.