WD10EARS Strange behavior

ok i have a starnge issue i have a WD10EARS 1tb (green drive) in my system which i just use for storage along side my main WD Black drvie, now i have noticed that when i play certain videos from that drive there are moments where the picture and sounnd will go way out of sync then 5-7 seconds later it will jump back to where it should be. it is a very annoying problem which i have no idea to fix, could it mean that my drive is failing?

thanks in advance

Best way to check if by testing

try chkdsk or DLG

ran a quick test everything fine also used Crystal Disk Info and drive status is good, i also tried the same file from 1 usb exturnal drive and 2 other internal drive and it played perfectly.

do i need to run an extended test? and if so how long should it take?

I would say it’s a problem with the video files if it always happens to the same file. The person who ripped them didn’t do a good job. You could try playing them using different software. Some player software can handle glitches better than others. Also an old trick is to pause the video and then hit play again. Sometimes the software can recapture the sync.