WD10EARS show 512 bytes sector size in window 7 32bit?

I used HD Tune Pro to test the speed of my WD10EARS and the average reach max only 70mb/s.

And i found out that my WD10EARS sector size is 512 bytes only.

I’ve use WD Align System Utility and it showed all partition are properly aligned.

I even used Data Lifeguard Diagnostics to check,but physical drive there showed none.

I suspect my WD10EARS is faulty with the sector size.

Is there any other solution or i should send for RMA?

Actually, that’s by design in order to make the drive backwards compatible.  It’s 4K emulating 512.  The drive should be okay if it’s passed all the tests.

I use Western Digital LifeGurd Diagnostics to run the tests.

But it show out the error " Cable Test::Write sector error! ".

I’ve check with the error page provided by WD, but this error wasn’t shown in the page.

Can i know what’s the problem and the best solution to solve?

You are probably running Windows 7, it’s a bug that’s been fixed.  We’ve just released a newer version of DLG Diagnostics.

Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows, Version 1.21

I managed to pass all the test.

But when i use HD Tune Pro to test the speed, the average speed i’m getting is just  69mb/s read speed.

 The access time is 14.9 ms. Burst rate 201.7 mb/s.

When i test the speed for older hard disk of 32mb cache, i’m getting 64 mb/s.

Can i know for WD10EARS 64mb cache, is 69mb/s read speed normal?

What is the RPM for WD10EARS? What should be the normal/average read and write speed?

Transfer rates range from 70-130 MB/s.  Things to look at that might hinder transfer speeds are the controllers, cables, drivers, etc.  Try to update the drivers for the motherboard and consider trying a another cable. 

All my drivers are updated and i’ve test with a brand new SATA cable.

But it’s still the same.

I think there is problem with this hard disk as i boot Window 7 longer than 32mb cache hard disk.

Download our diagnostic utility and do a short and extended test.  That will tell you if the drive is okay.

DLG Diagnostics (Windows)

If HD Tune’s performance graph has a long flat plateau at the outer areas of the disc, then that would suggest that the transfer rate is being bottlenecked by the SATA controller or motherboard chipset.

I have tested Western Digital Caviar Green 500 GB 32 MB cache, WD5000AADS with the same motherboard.

The result :

Read Speed: Min = 12.5 MB/s, Max = 93.4 MB/s, Average Speed = 73.2 MB/s

But with Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB 64 MB cache, WD10EARS.

The result :

Read Speed: Min = 1.6 MB/s, Max = 90.6 MB/s, Average Speed = 70.1 MB/s.

So it is obviously the problem is not related to any BIOS or SATA setting or Motherboard problem, but the hard disk itself problem.