WD10EARS only 935 GB in XP, not 976 GB

I have a WD10EARS and installed the correct and the newest AHCI driver and intel RST driver and turn on the AHCI mode in BIOS also. After that progress my system (XP) got only 935 GB, but the new technology gives me 976 GB. I tried with jumper 7-8 and without…nothing changed (my OS run on other hard drive)

Anybody has a good solution?

I don’t have a solution, but would it help to learn that it’s the same with Windows 7? I split it into two 500GBs with one partition. It ended up being 488Gb and  433GB

PLUS, despite what the label on the actual drive AND the label on the bag it came in, I STILL HAD TO FORMAT IT!!!

Darkmatter replied to my moan about this subject:


Adding a filesystem to a drive such as NTFS actually takes up quite a lot of space? File Alocation Tables, MFT reservations, etc…

1TB = 1000 GB = 1,000,000MB = 1,000,000,000KB (this is for HDD manufacturers)

But for the OS:

1,000,000,000KB = 976562.5MB = 953GB approx!

Cut out some part for file allocation etc. I don’t think they are added into the OS detection. You get what you have now.

Hope this helps.

Simon :smiley: "