WD10EARS Harddrive strange failure

Hello !

My Western Digital 1Tb WD10EARS Hdd suddenly is really slow. Just formatting it lasts about 1 hour, during that it makes strange “klicks”. Scanning it from a boot cd results in no broken sectors “surface scan”. Installing windows on it works, bud lasts for about 2 hours ! What could that be ? If the surface scan is okay, it means the firmware has a fail ? Is that fixable ? 


first change the sata cable and the sata port on the motherboard

after that if the problem continues copy your data if possible and rma the drive

  1. There is no chance to rma it.

2. There is no important data on it, its just about the drive.

  1. Sure i already checked the cable, the mainboard aso… It’s the drive. 


Thats a know bug affecting some drives. I dont know how to help you further. I have 2 greens drives and they perform allways fine… after several years. Hope that continues that way

The clicks sounds like head crash to me. If you’re (un)lucky, the WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic will show some pending sectors. This was my experience with such clicks.