WD10EARS disappearing

I bought a hard-drive model WD10EARS 1 TB, 64 MB cache a couple months ago. Recently (about 2 weeks) after a time the hard-drive disappears and I must shut down and restart the system to see it again. I am running a Windows 7 64 system, the OS is installed on another WD hard-drive, no problems there. I must also say that recently I did not installed any new hardware. Software I installed recently only Starcraft 2

Anyone any idea what’s going on? And how can this be corrected?

Thanks for helping,


Does installing a jumper across pins 5-6 resolve the detection issue?  This jumper setting will force the drive to work at SATA 1 speeds.  If not then does the hard drive have the same problems if you try it in another computer?  Have you tried changing the drive’s SATA port and data/power cables?  Also, have you run diagnostic tests on your hard drive? 

WD KB 1337: Problems encountered installing SATA II hard drives on SATA I controllers.

WD KB 940: How to test a drive for problems using Windows Data Lifeguard Diagnostics.

WD KB 1083: How to test a WD SATA or EIDE drive for errors with a Data Lifeguard Diagnostics CD or Floppy disk.