Wd10ears 1tb xp single partition,slow!

Hi guys! Long time lurked first time poster haha. I installed a fresh wd10ears drive in my mates pc, xp single partition so installed jumers 7 8, didn’t use wd align, he is a sound engineer so obviously needs super fast write speeds! Even with jumpers attatched, it’s painfully slow and won’t keen up, his software crashes and freezes. I am curious, can I remove jumpers, start pc, run wd align and sheel be all good? Or am I screwed cause I already put the jumpers on. Just can’t find any information about switching from jumpers to wd align. Anybody able to shed some light on this? He’s recording my band, and after a month of getting out music off of his bricked AND corrupt seagate barracuda, I’m so keen to finish it! But we can’t track our vocals cause the drives too slow haha! Computers eh! Edit- stupid iPhone! Apologies for spelling and paragraphing!

Pull the jumper, write zeros to the drive, then reformat with the WD Advanced format software you download.  See if that works better.  Make sure to pay attention to which Advanced software you download, though.