WD10EARS 1 TB drive ticking sound on W7 Pro 64 system

is it slow?

showing errors?

No errors. System working fast and normal except for the dull sounding clicking , sounds like an old clock and just as regular.  When the PC first starts up, it is not doing it, but after the first command to do something it begins. when you are shutting the PC down, the clicking/clunking stops. This hard drive is connected to a Sata 2 M/B and it is not the absolute fastest hard drive, but it is not slow. It seems normal as far as speed is concerned. The noise is annoying and of couse I am concerned it could be a sign of , even a brand new drive as it is, getting ready to self destruct. I have a second drive exactly like this one coming to be the back up for this one, instead of using the RAID function of the M/B.

(Raid backs up errors and all, and W7 has a back up function I intend to use. I only say this because I am waiting to see if the seond drive is noisy when it gets here. I have seen talk about Firmware for hard drives. i was hoping someone has the experience and answers for this, wheter it is firmware updates or whatever.)  Lets see if this additional information helps us all to figure this out.

Thanks for the reply.   

More information for my previous post. I installed the second drive like the first one. It is recognized in DEVICE MANAGER and has the proper drivers installed. It does not show up in MY COMPUTER , so I was not able to back up anything on it to start using it, to see if it will produce the clicking sound. The drive label states these drives are ready to use, as is, for Windows 7, so I didn’t format it, but now I wonder if when you are not installing an operating system on it, is formatting required?  Windows 7 prepared the drive while installing the software on it’s drive but maybe I missed something.

(I have an Epox M/B and the PC runs with the first clicking drive so I guess its not a M/B issue.)

Yup, this is an unformatted drive that needs to be formatted.  Then it should appear in my computer.

Yep as I suspected and you confirmed, the 2nd drive needed to be formatted. Then I used the built in W7 back-up program to back up the first (C:) drive.

 (I was thinking about using Acronis, but when I loaded it, my mouse would not work and I had to go to a restore point to get the PC working agaim.)

Not adding a program for back-up will keep it simpler anyhow. With the clicking sound of the C: drive having me concerned about when it is going to crash is why I wanted to get the 2nd hard drive (J:) on line. Now I wish there was an answer for the clock like ticking sound.

Your reply says the ticking sound problem is solved, but when I click on the link to go to the solution, nothing happens.