WD10EARS-00Y5B1 , Incorrect cache size!

Hi , i have a 1tb Wd Green caviar 64 mb cache hdd … Well 64mb is what it says on the drive and on the product registration page . Now , i was curious enough to know whether everything is just fine. I first installed sis sandra software to know the cache size and specifications of the new drive.  Here the software was able to show the cxache size of my old seagate drive , but not the new one . then i ran sea tools from seagate to check the cache. here the software says my cache is 32 mb, which is NOT !!! and then i found hard drive inspector to see the details there , and it says 32 MB AS WELL !!! what is this ? i dont know where i could get the exact information on this ! PLEASE HELP ME !!!

The following Seagate KB article explains why it is not possible to detect the actual cache size in modern drives.

Detecting Buffer or Cache Size in ATA Hard Disk Drives:


Essentially it is a limitation of the ATA specification. You can confirm the cache size by visual inspection … if you can see the component side of the drive’s logic board. Look for the RAM chip and post its markings.

You can use the following article to help you identify the components: