WD10EARS-00Y5B1 appears as 32Mb max size after cloning and running Align Software under XP

I’ve got a pair of those drives in which i should have installed a clone from the previous HD.

O.S windows XP SP3

Cloning software: Acronis TrueImage

They both failed after cloning.

The first one correctly cloned and resized the 2 partitions, but installing as primary drive to restart the system, i’ve found that something was wrong (“Primary HD error”).

Checking with another PC, i’ve found out it’s now recognized as 32Mb space RAW partition…

I’ve thinked about a fail in this drive, so I bought another one.

This one was installed on the secondary PC, correctly completed cloning and resizing, after restart correctly showd both the partitions and data, so I’ve started with WD Aling Software.

After the process were completed, I’ve installed on the other PC, as primary drive.

I’ve got the same error as the first one… :frowning:

Now I’m here with 2 1Tb HD with 32Mb free RAW space.

No way to resize partitions, because I cannot see them, BIOS, Win XP and Win 7 recognize them as 32Mb maximum size.


Any hint on what to do ?

Do you have a Gigabyte motherboard with Xpress Recovery BIOS? If so, then a BIOS bug has truncated your drive. Do not be tempted to write to the drive!

See this thread for an explanation and solution: