WD10EALS only showing 31MB unallocated?

Just took out of the box, plugged in to windows 7 32 bit. Bought from CDW a while ago, just now needing it.

Been googling my head off and cant find a reason.

Any ideas?  Or what info do you need? Attached some screen shots.

Thanks in advance!

wb_screenie_1.jpg wb_screenie_2.jpg

It would USB “conversion” kit is not working correctly in Windows and WinDLG.  The drive is supposed to be a direct motherbaord connected hard drive.

it is. i dont know why my drives are saying that.  the only one usb is f drive

the others are SATA directly to mobo

my mobo is an asus p5n-d

corrupted firmware maybe ?? or bug in bios

did you try on another computer?

its funny with only the samsung drive says pass and the western drives not vailable lol

It appears that a bug in your Gigabyte motherboard’s Xpress Recovery BIOS may have truncated your drive.

See the following thread for an explanation and solution:


While i do welcome the help, i have an asus board.

WD has told me to RMA the drive which **bleep** cause i need it.

I will try those two prog’s and see if they work.

Thanks for the help