WD10EADS problem. its sooo slow

So basically my HD started acting wierd a few days ago. First time i noticed something wierd was when two friends each sent me a fairly large .psd file at the same time. It seems they sort of got mixed up… one wouldnt open at all and the other one was a mix of both the first one and the second one… very wierd but i never thought it was a problem with the actual drive (i was compiling code and doing alot of other stuff while beein sent the files so i assume that had something to do with it).

After that incident the HD has been very slow. Its not always and i can usually use it normally for the most part but then it sort of stalls for a while (like loading in a game takes for ever, sometimes when i play music it stops for 3-4 seconds in the middle of a song, it takes 20-30s to open a folder, etc).

I ran the LifeGuard QuickTest and it fails almost immediately giving me this error:

Test Result: FAIL
Test Error Code:

06-Quick Test on drive 1 did not complete! Status code = 07 (Failed read test element), Failure Checkpoint = 97 (Unknown Test) SMART self-test did not complete on drive 1!

Now what im wondering is if there is any way to solve this problem. Is it worth trying to run a extended test with the LifeGuard software?

I have not tried a format on the drive since i have a bit of data i need to backup from it first and it takes forever to copy to my other drive (850mb folder with quite alot of files, around 3000, took 35 minutes). Its not the drive my OS is installed on so nps there.

well i did manage to copy the vital data i had on the HD (2gb in 5h!) and then did a quick format and then just for ease deleted the volume. After that i ran the LifeGuard test again and go tthe same thing when doing the quicktest. I  then started a extended test but since its saying the estimated time remaining is over 100h i doubt ill let it finish (ill let it run for a few hours to see if it changes tho)

Still cant figure out whats actually wrong with it… is it a hardware problem or just the format thats gone wonky?

Well, I’ll suggest you to replace your drive, this is not a good sign at all…