WD10EADS not recognized

I just removed a 120g sata hard drive and put in the WD10eads.  On the boot post screen, the hard drive is recognized and shows up but next to it is supposed to be the size of the drive and a cursor just blinks there and no volume size.  The computer stops booting right there.  I can unplug the WD and go ahead a boot up computer-the plug the wd up and it’s recognized by the os system under my computer.  I had to go into the disk management to initialize and format the hard drive but it’s recognized now fine.  Just at startup post screen-will not report or find volume size to finish booting up.  I have a Gigabyte motherboard( GA-sinxp 1384f6)…  I’ve tried all kind of settings in the bios that I see but have found nothing that works.  And I’m not that computer literate.  Any ideas???

You might need to get a Bios update.  It may not be able to read the size of drive you have, whereas Windows can.