[WD10EADS] Always very slow


I bought this 1T hard disk some years ago as almost new to a private person.

When I received it i saw that speed was almost nothing.

I saw a lot of complains about that on WD community and elsewhere.

WD argued limit of warranty issue and accepted to do nothing.

I tried with acronis tool , I tried on different platforms (XP,Vista,Win8,Ubuntu,Archlinux) without any success.

I bought 5 days ago a western digital WD TV Live media player.

I again tried to plug this disk inside, and again it 's less than slow.

Transfer speed is less than 500Ko/sec, is it reasonable?

So, hard disk from WD, media player from WD and it doesn’t work.

What can I do now?

Hi well a used hard drive and you have been using it for a few years with it slow dont expect live tv or a new pc to make it any faster the drive may have been dropped or any number of things. Now the Green drives are recommended for a second storage drive not recommended for even a boot drive. Get rid of the old drive and buy a proper drive like a WD black drive or any drive but a Green one.


This HD never worked for me, I just put it sleeping somewhere and some times I try it again when I get a new station.

In this particular case, I supposed WD products could make a good job together.

Definitely this caviar is a (sorry I can’t remmber the english word :wink: )

Its not the best line of drives but its still not bad… I think your drive has a bad head or media problem (platters)

I have used a wd10eads from 2009 for backing up my data it has 1000 days power on time and I still get all the speed 80 MB/s

Some times I don’t know why I get high speed like 50Mo/s but most of the time it is ridiculous as 5 to 500Ko/s

I complain to WD about that without any success.

I am really disappointed with their attitude at least they could have propose something.