WD10EACS-00ZJB0 hard drive problems

Hello ive posted here before while back and now i can update you all. 

I went ahead last week and bought a 2060-701474-002 REV A pcb board replacement. 

Went ahead and installed the new pcb board and yes indeed my hard drive is obviously out of warrenty.

Right now its connected to my SATA board that was in the WD blue ring enclosure, i do not have a USB cable for it but however have the network cable is plugged in and so far no luck, i know the new PCB board is working cause my hard drive is hot as of now. 

I rebooted with the new pcb board installed when my hard drive was in my usb 2.0 enclosure that i bought from newegg, back when i had the old pcb installed it was seen in BIOs and windows but i can never access it, i tried linux reader, it showed but no access. 

Now, with the new pcb installed and running it on my usb 2.0 enclosure, it would not pick up in BIOs or windows at all, disk management does not see anything, neither does my ext3 linux reader. 

I dont know what im missing, can someone help me? 

more info please

Hi i just noticed that i have a Local Disk (J) appear could be the hard drive that im having trouble with…

Im on a Win7 64 bit operating system 

I checked disk management and nothing is showing. 

DiskInternals Linux Reader, Ext2 Volume Manager, and explore2fs shows nothing. 

I installed Ubuntu linux hoping it would show but no luck. 

This external hard drive first ran on a windows xp system so im wondering if i should think about dual boot xp and win7?