WD1003FZEX Buzzing Noise

Hey there, I would like to ask about the noise levels on my brand new 1TB Black WD1003FZEX. I bought this drive because I have always had WD’s (except for one Seagate which recently failed) and was expecting good things. But the drive made an incredibly loud buzzing noise, so loud that I took it back to the shop where the returns man said it could be a bad bearing and gave me a new replacement.

However my replacement is still making a rather loud buzzing noise, though not as loud as the previous drive, and I can also feel the vibrations from the drive through my desk. This is when the drive is sitting at idle.

Can anyone tell me if these kind of noise levels are normal for this drive? I have the 2TB version WD2003FZEX and that drive is very quiet. I have done a quick test on the drive in WD Lifeguard and HD Sentinel and they check out fine.

Any thoughts? :worried:



Is the buzzing sound constant on the drive or does it do it on certain times ?

It is constant.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Are these just really loud drives or something?