WD1002FBYS doesn't register in my computer

I have owned this drive for a few years now and it says its half Dell and half Western Digital. Its a 1Tb drive that I had 600gb of stuff installed (only games & Windows 7). It has been in my computer since 10/11/13 and was my most used drive and had large games like GTA, Fallout 4. It began to click about a week before it died. When it did die I saw a Warranty sticker and I didn’t buy this from the WD website, I got it from a PC builder. But thanks for reading.

My computer (just in case it was anything else in my computer):
AMD A8 6600k
Adata 8Gb 1333Mhz
GeForce GTX 960
750W power supply
(Old drive: WD1002FBYS 1000Gb for windows) Also a fan ponting right at my drive bay.
Second drive WD Blue 500Gb
Plus I don’t have the money to buy a new drive thats the same capacity.


As a recommendation, contact WD Support directly for assistance on this case.

They will be able to identify if the unit has warranty or if the drive was an OEM.

WD Contact info: