WD1002FAEX with heavy vibration issues

I have only had the drive installed for less than 48 hours.  For the first 47 hours it worked perfectly with little or no vibration at all.  Less than an hour ago it started vibrating so much that the computer desk has started to resonate and even causes ripples in cups of liquid (coffee mug) that is setting on the other end of the desk.

This is much louder / stronger than expected and a similar drive from Seagate in my desktop is vibration and noise free.  As a matter of fact - the WD drive was even more quiet than the Seagate and I was jealous…  

Does anyone else have this issue with a Caviar Black drive?

Should I consider an RMA of the product?


seems problem at the bearings

replace the drive

I would like to do that but as it was Sunday and past support hours I was unable to speak with a tech about it or obtain an RMA>

I have a question in to support on this very same issue - I hope that they will answer shortly or I can get out of work in time to call them.

Thanks for your input.



Called tech support - insisted that I run WD Data Lifeguard (Extended Tests) and swap out SATA and Power Cables…

Data Lifeguard - no errors found

Swap cables - no change

unmount drive - still vibrates (hard to hold on)

Received response from E-mail support:

They advised to RMA the product right away - seems the left hand does not follow the same route as the right hand.  I am online now trying to RMA - the support system is off line for maintenance

THAT is not a good sign - hope that they were not having issues with the hard drives (grin)…


I got a few WD 1TB Black and compared to the WD blues (Both 7200 RPM), the Black vibrate a lot even mounted. i am using vibration damping mount to be safe®. (e.g. Cooler Master 690 case’s HDD Mount have this feature.)