WD1002FAEX read errors, scandisk shows no errors, partition magic does

Hello all, first time post.

I am dedicated WD user, right now I am transferring files from out of warranty drives to newer drives, most of my drives are of 1TB and the new ones are 3TB and above. Last night I set up a transfer of files from this mentioned HD (WD1002FAEX) and woke up with a “Error 0x080070079: The semaphore timeout period has expired”.

I exited transfer and then checked disk with DLdiag where it didnt even show up on the physical list of drives, but did on list of drive letters. I then checked disk with file explorer hd tools and it found nothing wrong, so opened up Partition Magic wizard and ran a surface test and it did find some read errors in blocks at about 51% into the scan, one here one there but not all in a row.

I ran check disk from disk management in windows 10 and it said no errors found, so cannot repair errors. But PMW shows the error blocks.

I know its out of warranty but how can I fix the errors if they are not found on windows, but 3rd part apps?



Hi, I would recommend you to lower the amount of information that you are transferring and see on which folder the transfer failed and see if you can save those files and then write zeroes to the drive to force it to relocate those sectors to a good working sectors, other than that, I have no idea.

Thanks for responding.

I did just that, and when I found the folder I was able to move the files, they didnt fail. Once all files were moved, I deleted partition, wiped with zeros, and formatted. Then I rechecked surface test and there was still some errors in blocks at the same area as the other test. I am going to leave this drive out of system.