wd1002faex raid 0

I want to put two WD1002FAEX (1TB WD Cav Black) drives in RAID 0 and short stroke them for a low cost/reasonable performance solution.

This will be using the fake/motherboard RAID on the motherboard (GA-Z68X-UD3R-B3).

I’m getting very confused reading about TLER issues with RAID and certain WD drives. I see there were special ‘RAID edition’ drives.

Is TLER even relevant to the WD1002FAEX? 
Is TLER even relevant to ‘fake’ RAID 0?

Please help.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Just curious: why do people call it “fake”? RAID is RAID, in software, in hardware or a hybrid - but it’s still a 100% RAID, nothing fake about it.

TLER usually applies to (usually high end, enterprise class) hardware RAID controller with low tolerances for timeouts - and if the drive timeouts on their watch, they’ll mark it offline.  This is why it’s usually not a good idea to use desktop drives on enterprise class RAID controllers because there is a good chance it’ll mark several drive offline within short time, which in turn will mean the controller will degrade or offline the RAID set, and with it, the server.

On personal computers TLER usually isn’t that important - the OS is usually much more tolerant to drive timeouts.


Software RAID 0 or 1 works Ok in my experience.

WD say RAID 0 or 1 is Ok on their website.

It’s hardware RAID that won’t work with WD consumer drives, AFAIK.