WD1002FAEX Performance vs WD7501AALS

So I know these comparisons are not 100% accurate, but I’m still interested on how the older model outperformed the newer model in some tests.

My old 750 gig - WD7501AALS

Transfer Rate

Min - 65

Max - 110

Average - 91.5

Access Time -  11.6

Burst Rate - 146

My New 1TB - WD1002FAEX (this is plugged into the SATA 6 port on the MB)

Transfer Rate

Min - 56.8

Max - 129.2

Average - 100

Access Time -  13.3

Burst Rate - 177

So the 2 #'s im imterested in are the min (min and the burst rate) which both seem to be lowest then the older model.  Is this normal?

SATA6 is not the same on every motherboard (80% of them are poorly implemented like only using 1 PCI-E link for the SATA 6 Raid chip or an AMD native sata 6 ) have you tried it in an Native intel or amd Sata 3 port

What software did you test as bigger drives can show worse performance if you do not limit the test to less then 50%

I would only be interested in the first 40-50% of the disk performance as after that it really does drop off quite fast, why I norm partition the disk 30/70 (short stroking) so OS and programs are forced into the best part of the disk (all programs or games should be installed onto the c: drive, the rest as storage for none active files like video, music so on), that is asumeing your using it as an boot drive how i would do it if i had an HDD as an boot drive (SSD owner)

Sata 6 for HDDs bit of an farse, no way an Currant HDD can do more then 150MB/s never mined 550MB/s that SATA 6 offers, SSD is the only thing Sata 6 is useful for (Ignore Burst speed as that not important at all, unless the HDD has 500mb-1gb of cache on it)