WD1002FAEX Drives Disconnecting

Hey all,

I have 5 of these drives and randomly once a month or so one will go offline. On reboot they rebuild the Raid 5 array but it’s kind of annoying. I found this article which seems to be very similiar if not the same but I didnt see any resolution.


Was this ever resolved? What was the resolution?

My next steps were to see if there was a firmware upgrade available but I couldnt find one, or any. Anyone have the latest firmware revision number and/or a link to the downloads?

I’m running on a HighPoint Tech Raid controller so I was also going to look at upgrading this firmware next. I didnt see anything on their forums about this issue so I’m not sure this will help.

Any info is much appreciated


Hi those drives do not have tler and are not recommended to use in a raid 5 array. That’s why they drop out all the time. At most WD says they can be used in software raid 0 or 1. WD Caviar Black Hard Drives are not recommended for and are not warranted for use in RAID environments utilizing Enterprise HBAs and/or expanders and in multi-bay chassis

Hammey is correct using those drives for raid 5 it will be a total pain for you, try using RE edition drives