WD1002FAEX 00Z3A0 vs 00Y9A0


I have three HDDs of 1TB, model FAEX1002. Two of them are 00Z3A0 and one is 00Y9A0 … I have an open PC Case with those two 00Z… I dont think they are loud - they are OK. But the 00Y9 I have in second PC… is terrible !! It is twice or three times as loud as 00Z… IS that possible or is it faulty? As for now it passes all the tests… But I am worried… :frowning:

What if you swap the drives between the computers to check if it’s just an acoustic issue on the physical case?

No. It is definetely the hard drive. Chacked the both connected out of the cases. The difference is enourmous :frowning: :frowning: