WD1002FAEX-00Z3A0 Should i relplace this the symtoms are

random buzing noise - happens randomly sometimes i wont hear it all day and the next i will

general use seems alot louder even with the Accustic managment turn on.  used to leave it off but way to loud now.

i ran HD tune and whe i do any benchmarks the drives performas even on read just drops steadly mabey thats normal not sure. 

can you install hard disk sentinel and see the health reported ??

random buzzing noise hmmm maybe the enclusure or problem with the bearings on the drive… bu if it is bearings you should hear that all the time… so it seems other thing

says 100% and no errors

i think that buzzing is normal vibration in certain cases

do you have a clean read and write in smart?

when the drive is buzzing can you put the drive in your hand ( while still working be careful) and see if the buzzing stops?

ts not normal if i never existed before the buzzing sound was there and the drive was even realy quite with accustic managment turn off now its louder and its even when i turn it on  i have system maticly turned off fans and unpluged other systems and even tryed a dif PSU to try and narrow down the sound issue its definitly the drive. now the only thing i can think about is its in a new pc case but its a better quility case and it is securtly placed.  the drives does not wiggle or move in its mounting spot 

putting the drive in my hand wont work because it take to long to take it out and then what i sit and wait all day in hopes today it be a day it disides to buzz

http://www.hdsentinel.com/storageinfo_online.php?lang=en&model=WDC%20WD1002FAEX-00Z3A0&rev=05.01D05&id=WD-WCATR3944737&size=931%20GB&t=31&h=100&smart=0133C8C8S2F0315ACAAM1106G2704G6464N167G32058CC8C8S3307GC8C8S2E09G5959M2159G320AG6464S320BG6464S320CG6464OC8G32CHC8C8O13G32C1GC8C8N153G32C2G7455O1FG22C4GC8C8S32C5GC8C8S32C6GC8C8S30C7GC8C8S32C8GC8C8T8I5&s2=17B&seek=16.11x19.67x17.64     power on time count seems realy high in the 8000 since installing this software sunday  unless i am reading this wrong

please record that buzzing sound and put here a link, maybe we can help giving an opinion that way…