WD1001FALS is not recognized


My hdd is:

WD1001FALS Caviar Black 1TB



WWN: 50014EE0ABCAF943

DATE: 24 FEB 2009


LBA: 1953525168

This hdd was inside a Time Capsule that died because of the psu (it is a typical failure with Time Capsule’s). The hdd was extracted from the time capsule but it’s not recognized by Macosx. Macosx identifies something as being connected to the computer but it is an unknown device.  I’ve tested the hdd using two different computers and with a usb connection and a S-ATA connection. I’ve also tested it using TestDisk with a Linux Recovery CD.

The hdd spins when you plug it but the spinning noise only lasts around 10-15 seconds. From that moment the hdd remains silent.

Is it possible that the pcb is fried? I’ve been reading this:  http://community.wdc.com/t5/Desktop/Dead-1tb-WD1001FALS-drives/m-p/110840/highlight/true#M3824

Here it is a picture of my pcb. I dont see anything wierd:

2012-05-03 18.42.37.jpg

R64 & R67 readings are 0.7

D3 & D4 readings are 1 (not 1.0)


Yup could be…

However it’s not a walk in the park to swap the pcb and get the data

if you know what your doing … Look for a similar drive on eBay

you might get help from  fzabkar

highly unlikely this is a pcb failure. when PCB fails on WD unless it is a Tornado family, your drive would not spin at all.

you saying that the drive is only spinning for 10-15sec. What about calibration sounds? constant clicking while its spinning?

Another thing, your board has embedded rom, so without specialized equipment you would not even be able to perform a board swap. U12 position on your board is blank, but like I said before chances are your drive has issues other than PCB.