WD1001FALS completely burnt miserable! There is evidence there Chart board problem!

I am from Taiwan! Seagate Barracuda ES.2 250GB ST3250310NS 燒毀.jpg

I have two Seagate ST3250310NS do RAID 0 (striping), two WD hard drives used to store data. But POWER (Zhenhua SUPER FLOWER tip Kingdee PLUS 700W), but the SATA power cable is a series of four hard drives, so suspect that a hard disk problem occurred causing the current surge board hard board back four collectively burned.

Power back to power OCP suspected emergency stop power supply, so the other hardware in good condition.

Suspected defect may come from WD1001FALS board hard drive and burn the same hard disk status, 5v circuits are burned, they may even head also burned. Rescue data is expensive, so I had bad luck ~

If the WD hard drive a circuit protection device for example, fuses, circuit current protection, the situation will be different ~

WD 1001FALS.jpg

If the WD hard drive a circuit protection device for example, fuses, circuit current protection, the situation will be different ~

Synnex required fee NT500 yuan to send the fee is higher than the RMA!

Sorry… but most of people here may not recognize the language.

Also, your situation is a complain rather than a question.

You should check the way which power jack(s) connected to HDD(s) ( firmly connected, any damaged connector ? … ) 

As for burned PCB, certain case can be fixed by DIY.

Please translate to English, hope you will get more help.


**I check the check the way which power jack (s) connected to HDD (s) (firmly connected, any damaged connector? Determined without any damage!
Motherboard, CPU and no damage

But the hard disk has been burned or no maintenance PCB power and response, four suspected POWER hard situation as a problem ~!

WD hard drive information how to rescue?**

All of four HDDs have been burned ? What happened prior to ?

The pictures show all motor controller chips was exploded. I think the reason was from your power supply. You’d better stop using this PSU, it may burn another HDD in the future !

As base on your pictures, they speak you are a technician, check if your PSU provides over-voltage due to wrong responding with the variance of voltage/ current while a device working in computer.

This time, in Vietnam ( and Taiwan, I guess ), the air is extremely humid, it’s the cause of electronic devices problem.

The board which has a problematic schematic diagram ( as you called "chart ", I think ), if any, is a blue moon !

I don’t know how to rescue the data in this case. However, someone else here can help you.

All your drives have protection devices. Unfortunately the power surge was too strong for them. :frowning:

The WD drive has two TVS (transient voltage suppression) diodes, one for each of the +12V (D4) and +5V (D3) rails. They are located near the SATA power connector. Each diode has a zero-ohm resistor (R64 and R67) that acts like a fuse.

The Seagate drives also have two TVS diodes near the SATA connector.

To recover your data from the Seagate drives, the most expedient method is to swap the PCB. However, you must also transplant the 8-pin serial EEPROM chip from patient to donor. This chip contains unique drive specific calibration data. It is located near the bottom right hand corner of the PCB.

Your WD drive is more difficult. The vacant location at U12 would normally be reserved for an external EEPROM, but in this case the EEPROM data are internal to the Marvell MCU (big “M”). This means that a ROM transfer will require professional tools. :frowning:

The following URLs should help you identify the components:


The following supplier charges US$40 for a PCB, plus $10 for a ROM transfer:

BTW, I am not associated with any vendor.

Good luck.