WD1001FALS-00E8B0 any problems with RAID?

So Ive got 6 of these drives (WDC WD1001FALS-00E8B0)

Running 4 of them in a QNAP NAS in a RAID 5 config.

I have another two running in my puter in a RAID 1 config.

Everything has been working fine but I just caught wind that these drives do not support TLER officially… and in fact there was a utility to enable TLER that was floating around but apparently cannot be used on the newer versions of this drive…  Is this true?

Manuf date on all the drives I have is 25 Nov 2009, stamped with a P2 on them.


WOW talking bout falling on deaf ears :slight_smile:

I’m curious as to how well your WD1001FALS drives are working in your RAID 5 and RAID 1 arrays? 

I ordered 4 1.5TB WD1501FASS drives for a RAID 5 on a 3Ware 9650SE controller.  I thought I could change the TLER, but it’s not letting me.  So, I’ll have to take my chances and see I guess. 

Those drives are not designed, nor recommended, for RAID useage.  Because of the error checking utility in the firmware, they could fall out of RAID at any time. 

And, there is no way for you to activate TLER in them, either, in order to make them RAID compatible. 

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