I just purchased this drive at Best Buy.  The Western Digital web site does not even recognize the drive Model number. Can anyone tell me what is going on with this drive. 

do you have additional information about the drive?


did you get an external drive and open it up?



I bought the drive and installed it on Black Friday.    I then contacted Western Digital by telephone to update the warranty date.  When I gave the tech the Model & S/N he said that the S/N does not match that model on their records.  He had me scan a picture of the drive and Email it to their “warranty” web site.   What’s strange is that the S/N on the box it came in matches the drive, but the Model Number is different.  The box’s Model number is “WDBAAZ0010HNC-NRSN”.  I have not heard from them yet.

WDBAAZ0010HNC-NRSN looks like its a RETAIL version of the 1TB

WD1001FAES-22W7A0 is a drive that appears to be in a external enclosures

which did you buy?

I bought the internal drive WD1001FAES.  The plus is that it has a 64mb cache.  The WDBAAZ0010HNC is listed on the box as having 32mb cache and a 5 year warranty.  I have not heard from WD yet concerning the S/N mixup, but he implied that my drive only has a 3 year warranty.   

so the box has WDBAAZ0010HNC

and the drive itself has WD1001FAES

was the box still sealed from the factory when you bought it?

Yes the box was sealed.  I just received a response from WD.  It states:  "Thank you for contacting Western Digital and please accept our apologies for the delay in response. We have updated the warranty and have corrected the model number (in our system) to WD1001FAES for your drive. The information shown on your label is correct. "  I just responded to WD asking them: “How long is the warranty period”?

I have the exact same situation. The original 32mb version being sold at Best Buy was the old three platter design which is not produced anymore. Western Digital does this all the time. They simply stuff newer, better drives of the same capacity inside the old models boxes to meet demand. Im happy I got the newer two platter 22W7A0 with 64mb cache but as the OP stated the warranty needs to be updated to 5 years.

i have a dell desktop with a wd inernal IDE (not sata) (not that i know the difference) harddrive.  i cannot find anywhere and i do not know how to find a compatible hard drive.  i am so very ignorant when it comes to this kind of thing.  is there anyway you  can maybe help me?  or know where i can go to get help?  i’d really appreciate it.