WD1000D033 - My Book World Edition - No lights on front of unit

I own an my book work model: WD1000D033 . Today, I formated the hard drives  because of some suspected bad secors on the drives, now the unit doesn’t light up and work. When you plug the power cable in you can here the unit power up…

Both drives was formated to a NTFS partition and then the partition was removed. I now have no lights on the front of the unit and no activity from the network port eather. I followed the instructions from here. 


Im really confused. Why will it not start so i can gain access to the internal setup? I have tryed the reset button on the back of the unit but makes no diffrence. The unit was working before the format eventhough it was very, very slow…

Any ideas how you get this working again. Thanks 


All i need is a set of instuctions i’m well capable of doing the rest. 

You just killed the drives, the files system it uses is Linux EXT3, not Windows NTFS. Plus, it has been confirmed that the internal operating system of that drive is held in between drives, meaning the drive could only be formatted from the interface.

Take the drives out, at least you’ll be able to use them inside your computer.