Wd10000d033 defect / dead?

Ive just bought a myworldbook from someone but i cannot seem to get it to work. It recieves an ip address which i can ping and can access by smb. When i portscan the device it says port 139 and 1641 are opened.

The discover tool (1.80) does not discover the device.

When i browse the device with smb i see two shares, public and data1, data1 is password protected and nothing seems to work (tried admin/admin and admin/123456).

Also tried resetting the device by pressing the reset button for ten secs, and by keeping the reset button pressed while powering on the device. Neither options seem to work, it does reboot the device so i don’t think the button is broken.

Does anyone know these issues or does it sound familier?

Not aware of the drive coming with any folder like that. Can you copy files to the Public folder?

The public folder is the only folder that comes with this drive. Looks like you have a MBW Blue Rings which is the older MBW. Resetting the unit will only get a new IP and reset user name and password to default, that password is only to access the network administrator and not the folders.  

Try accessing the net administrator and see if that folder is showing and if so see if you can change the configuration for it.

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Tnx for reply, what do you mean with netadministrator? Do i have to browse to something? Because there seems to be no webinterface at all.

Is there à way to force à factory default?

Net administrator is the configuration page for the drive. Open a web browser and type the drive name ( i.e //mybookworld) To reset the drive user name and password please follow this instructions:

How To Rset the MBW

The webbrowser doesn’t show anything, in fact, i cannot even connect. As i already said only port 139 and 1641 are open to the device.

I tried your link for resetting the unit, it doesn’t seem to work at all. Nothing does, i’m thinking of trashing this unit. Cant get it to work at all.

If you have any idea’s left i’m happy to hear them, but if this is it, its going down the drain…

My last suggestion will be to contact WD

To contact WD :