WD10 EARS freezing problem

When copying big files from this hard drive to another drive or flash drives(USB/Memory cards/etc)… the computer will freeze from time to time (like I cannot move my mouse or when I am listening to some music, it repeats that same frame )… It just freezes for 1-5 seconds and the computer will function again… and the process will repeat… Sometimes the freezing happens even though I am not copying files.

I checked the event viewer and an event ID 51 shows at the time of freezing …so yeah , the event viewer has full of event 51 errors…  the description of the error is

An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\D during a paging operation.

i have searched  through the internet but i haven’t found something like this problem so i am not sure what is wrong.

Hmm… my OS is Windows XP pro and I think the problem is related to that since  wd10ears is an AFD… But I did the jumper settings as instructed… I did not use the WD align utility for this drive. so do you think that is the problem?

I can’t create a topic - Message Options show no command to do so in Opera, FF and IE. My issue is related. I followed the advice on the label and ran WD Align. It found that the disk is already aligned. Using Quick Formatting in Disk Maintenance I successfully allocated the disk space as the only available type - Basic (or Simple - the actual descriptions may vary as I use a localized XP and don’t know the English terms). The volume is shown as dynamic in olive color as opposed to blue for the primary type. I presume this has to do with the advanced technology in WD10EARS. I can use it in my PC but not in a player and not when the player is used as an external drive - it is detected by WD Align and in Disk Maintenance but cannot be allocated. The player can run a 500GB disk and is designed for 1TB drives. Can this mean that the player just doesn’t support this type of disk and the newer technology or is there a solution?