WD10 EACS-32ZJB0 errors

Have WDC WD10 EACS-00ZJB0 and 32ZJB0 connected to USB. Copied file about 40 GB to both. The speed for 00ZJB0 was about 5 times more than for the 32ZJB0 (on Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit, 5 MB/s and 1 MB/s). But biggest issue with 32ZJB0 was a lot of errors in copied file (used fc sourceFile targetFile /B and no errors for 00ZJB0). Then swapped the disks between USB adapters and the issue reproduced the same way: 32ZJB0 was 5 times slower and had a lot of errors comparing with the source file.

What could be the issue and how it could be attended to?

I’d download the DLG Diagnostics utility on WD’s support site, and run the tests on the drives.  There may be issues with drive or the drive partition, if there’s a lot of errors with the data.  Change cables to make sure that isn’t it either.

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