WD01EADS-00P6B0 Too many Load Cycle solution!

Hi, sorry for my english. I has the WD Green on a Atom based motherboard as FileServer with 11.098 Power_On_Hours and 50k Load_Cycle_Count.

The last week I have adquired an Intel Celeron 847 baser HT motherboard, when I moved the disk to this new motherboard a lot of “ticks” sounded!

Scared I see 6k new Load_Cycle_Count in only Five days!!!

I disabled the SpinDown with the wdidle3.exe but has no effect after a full pc shutdown (removing the power wire from the power line) Soft reset ignores the disk change…

Now I’am Happy Again!


I recommend that you run a diagnostic on your drive using Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics tool. Please run a quick and extended test on it.

Also check the link below to see if it will help.

How to tell if the noise or sound the drive is making is normal 

Sorry if my answer was not clear, but the disk now works OK.

The ticks sound were strong and steady. Furthermore coincided with increasing Load_Cycle.

After disabling the spindown feature with WDIDLE3.EXE, and complete power-off, the drive started to work silently and with no Load_Cycle increments (Ignoring cycles off of the computer.)