WD, You've proven that Customer Satisfaction is not job your interest

Further to mu purchased MyLiveDuo 8TB, since the day I received the unit, I’ve experienced nothing but troubles getting it to work properly.  After many complain letters to Tech Support and call after call, incident after incident over the last YEAR your Tech Support team has provided scripted measures to diagnose and fix this issue but without resolution, nor any feedback.  I’ve follow your Tech Support department recommendations and procedures and spent over many hours of my time during this period running diagnostic software and still I’ve left with a system that will not work.  To make things worst, I’ve receive emails survey from WD about their support.

Western Digital, why do you allow this to happen?  I trusted WD and you betrayed my trust.  Apparently, Customer Satisfaction is NOT important to your company since this is the WORST experience I’ve ever had with a sale and WD hides behind artificial policies rather than addressing customer issues.  You’ve proven that Customer Satisfaction is not job your interest.


We apologize for the customer service experience you received, please note that this is not the service we strive to provide. Can you please share a bit more about the issue you are having with your drive?

He probably has the same issue everyone else has with this **bleep**ty product. The DLNA sever keeps on falling away. It is just not possible to watch a movie while using mybook live duo through DLNA. It **bleep**!